Past Event

The Commonwealth is an international association consisting of the UK together with 51 other countries that were previously part of the British Empire and dependencies. We will be showcasing a culturally diverse event and a celebration of shared interest amongst the countries.

8:30am to 9:55am - Free Fairtrade Breakfast
10am to 10:10am - Raising of the flag
10:10am to 6pm - Multicultural Day

4pm to 6pm - Free Fairtrade Afternoon Tea

The day will start with a Fairtrade breakfast as part of the Fairtrade fortnight (booking for larger groups) followed by raising of the Commonwealth flag by the Mayor of Colchester. Then by a multicultural (open/ free) event which is expected to have a large turn out and will consist of different food stalls, fashion, music, artefacts and other cultural displays including afternoon tea with Colchester Fairtrade. 

We welcome businesses or individuals to represent a country from the Commonwealth at this year’s celebration.

To book for Fairtrade breakfast or/and afternoon tea, get in touch with Sue or Michael on 01206 710 701 /

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