Open Dialogue


  • Gain a greater understanding of the impact of culture/ethnicity on ethnic minority members’ ability to access and participate in local services and initiatives

  • Initiate and explore ways of developing sustainable relations with local BME groups and individuals

  • Provide the opportunity for local BME members to have their voices heard regarding access local services

  • Identify barriers to accessing local services through sharing experiences of accessing or using public and social provision

  • Identify ways to increase participation in integrated and joint up work and initiatives

  • Explore how information sharing can be made more accessible and relevant to BME individuals

  • Identify ways forward to develop culturally relevant services and processes that reflect and include BME needs

Enquiries: 0779 1295 802

Cultural Awareness Workshop


  • Gain a better understanding of a range of safeguarding issues pertaining to ethnic minorities

  • Be able to identify a range of barriers that Black Minority Ethnic (BME) groups and individuals experience in accessing public services

  • Identify a range of cost-effective solutions for developing greater access to public services for ethnic minority individuals

  • Identify relevant adaptations that could be made in their own practises to develop greater inclusiveness with regards to BME groups

  • Explore ways of building greater links with local ethnic minority groups and organisations

  • Identify outreach strategies, provision of information in appropriate format and ways of engaging with the BME communities

  • Develop opportunities for networking, signposting and joint working


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