AFiUK ​works with individuals and community groups to provide information and advocacy where necessary to equip  them to become autonomous and independent. 

A Bangladeshi Muslim woman was trained as a Health Champion to deliver workshops within her community. This built her confidence and unlocked a passion for learning which has seen her progress to completing a University degree.

JULIA OBASA - From Business Consultant to a Trustee at Firstsite

Julia Obasa runs Hashtag4biz a business consultancy firm assisting businesses in marketing and finance. She has also been involved in organising various community event through AFiUK and was recently recommended to be a Trustee at Firstsite Art Gallery.



ALEX KLOKKARIS - Working together to improve lives

AFiUK identified Miss Alex Klokkaris as a competent coach and facilitator. She has since facilitated training courses and workshops at AFiUK. She runs her own business Changing LifeCourse.





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Feedback on FGM research, Colchester
Oxford Youth Dance
Women's Conference Oxford
Feedback on FGM research, Oxford
Clay Modelling activity
Wellbeing session at Women's conference, Colchester
Youth Cookery Session
Colchester Youth
Researchers with Lord Mayor, Oxford
Women's Conference Colchester
WOW conference, Oxford
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Nepalese and Syrian women mobilized and offered interpreting services at Open Dialogue Workshops in Colchester

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Oxford Youth Dance