Parents and community leaders, feel free to contact us. 

We can tailor and run seminars on any topic that is relevant to your group's needs,

as well as signpost you to other Education or Health and Social Care agencies that may be able to help.


please contact us for a discussion on how we can work together.  We'd love to collaborate with you to improve the outcomes of these children.

What can we do for you?

  • Are you an agency seeking to engage with your African and other ethnic minority communities?

  • Are you keen to gain access and trust of black and minority ethnic groups (BAME) so that you can make your services become more accesible to them?

  • Would you like to explore options to increase uptake of your services by these communitites so as to improve the outcome of these families?

  • Whether you are a parent, a parent group or  you work with children voluntarily in a club or a community group we would like to work with you.

  • Would you like to be equipped and supported to become more effective in working with children?

  • Do you need information on any parenting issues or in understanding the legal aspects of parenting / working with children in the UK?

Workshops we have run in the past include:-

  • Cultural Awareness Workshops for practitioners.

  • Facilitated Open Dialogue workshops for practitioners and service users.

  • Family Tree project for an Extended Family group.

  • Cross cultural parenting

  • Mothers and daughters Fun Day

  • Understanding the UK education system

  • Safeguarding and the African Family

  • The place of the child in the ministry of the church

  • The stages of Faith Development in children

  • Behaviour management relevant to the ages and stages of children

  • Developing a curriculum for your Children's ministry

  • Effective Communication in the family


We can also coordinate and run children's sessions for your functions such as weddings,  conferences, National Day Celebrations.


Our seminars can be run as lectures, or interactive family sessions that incororate parents and children.


Cultural Awareness Workshop


  • Gain a better understanding of a range of safeguarding issues pertaining to ethnic minorities

  • Be able to identify a range of barriers that Black Minority Ethnic (BME) groups and individuals experience in accessing public services

  • Identify a range of cost-effective solutions for developing greater access to public services for ethnic minority individuals

  • Identify relevant adaptations that could be made in their own practices to develop greater inclusiveness with regards to BME groups

  • Explore ways of building greater links with local ethnic minority groups and organisations

  • Identify outreach strategies, provision of information in an appropriate format and ways of engaging with the BME communities

  • Develop opportunities for networking, signposting and joint working

Open Dialogue


  • Gain a greater understanding of the impact of culture/ethnicity on ethnic minority members’ ability to access and participate in local services and initiatives

  • Initiate and explore ways of developing sustainable relations with local BME groups and individuals

  • Provide the opportunity for local BME members to have their voices heard regarding access local services

  • Identify barriers to accessing local services through sharing experiences of accessing or using public and social provision

  • Identify ways to increase participation in integrated and joint up work and initiatives

  • Explore how information sharing can be made more accessible and relevant to BME individuals

  • Identify ways forward to develop culturally relevant services and processes that reflect and include BME needs

In collaboration with Changing Lifecourse Training, AFiUK offer training in Cultural Awarenss and facilitate Open Dialogue workshops between practitioners and BAME services users.  These workshops are aimed are frontline public service professionals, third sector organisations and community groups.

Cross Cultural Parenting Sessions

We train parents in understanding more about the school curriculum so that they can better support their children;s learning.  We also offer Cross-Cultural parenting training to support migrant parents to sensitively and effectively manage heir children's behaviour despite navigating different cultures in their homes.  The training is offered in 5 modules, covering 10 weeks.

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