Join us every Saturday from 11am to 1pm at our Youth Centre suitable for 13year to 19year olds

@ Townhouse, 39 - 42 East Stockwell Street, Colchester, CO1 1SS


For more enquiries - Rachel: 07539 455 974


Join us Every Monday and Wednesday 3:30 - 5:30pm, Term Time only

Homework support ; for ages 8 - 16 yrs.

Venue:  Blackbird Leys IT Hub; Oxford,OX4 6HW

For more enquiries : Jacqui - 07921 462949

Meet some of our youth at the centre and their success stories with AFiUK's youth club project Funded by the PCC

Name: Isaac

What difference has the project made to you personally?

" It has built my character personally, having a lot more confidence speaking in larger crowds and mainly working in a team. Secondly, it has increased my patience.


The workshop that had a big impact on me was in goal setting and motivation. It has made me rethink about what I really want in life and how to push myself in reaching it. "


Do you have anything else to add what you have experienced so far?

"I would suggest having these workshops added in schools as it will definitely benefit generations.



Name: Glorie

What difference has the project made to you personally?

" It has improved my confidence in leading other youth with activities and was also appointed a youth worker. The workshops have been really interesting and opened my mind to things such as appreciating motivational skills, resilience, and positive thinking.

The managing anxiety and negative thoughts workshop was especially very useful in a way that shows how your thoughts affect how you feel which affects how you perform physically"

Do you have anything else to add to what you have experienced so far?

"The workshops are very different from what is taught in schools and I have been able to invite friends to share the experience."


All our volunteers and staff are trained in Safeguarding and Early Help Assessment. 


In all our work with children and youth, and with parents, we focus on family safety and wellbeing.

We offer parenting support in 1-1 sessions with individual parents or in groups where we discuss with parents available interventions available to support their children's needs.

With parental consent, we make referrals to support agencies or we empower parents to engage with agencies to improve outcomes for their children.

Email us at :

to make referrals or to discuss details.



 Name: Nathalie

What difference has the project made to you personally?

  "It hasn't made me a different person but it has made

think positively and changed the way I speak to people.


The workshops have helped in my ability to express myself freely to be more conscious about the future and how to achieve my goals. "


Do you have anything else to add to what you have experienced so far?

"Became a school prefect while on the programme and I'm really happy that it has boosted my public speaking and confidence levels.


AFiUK ITV News Feature

Our Facilities at the Townhouse, Colchester

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Sailing trip with Cirdan Trust

Workshops and Trainings

Confidence & Self Esteem
Goal Setting and Motivation
Managing Anxiety & Negative Thoughts
Motivation Skills
Communication Skills & Acceptance
Resilience & Positive Thinking
Learning Acceptance
Identifying Aptitudes
Increasing Appreciation
Thinking Skills

Volunteering with AFiUK in conjunction with Mercury Theatre at the Food Festival Cultural Feast 

Getting Together


Book Festival Firstsite Art Galleray

Activities and Coaching

Volunteering to paint the Townhouse
Sports Coaching
Interview Skills

Cookery Sessions

Participating in citizenship activities

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